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In this blog, as you know we speak mainly of ferries, This does not however mean that we are not aware of those that have other means of transport to move around within our territory and not only.

In fact these days for work I found myself having to book a flight from Rome to Milan and I began to wander to various air online booking sites that I know, until they are finished on the now well-known volagratis.

Well, It was some time that I visited this site and I haven't seen much changed compared to the past and much more intuitive and faster than a few years ago was this airline reservation system online.

volo roma a milano
flight from Rome to Milan

I really liked the implementation research best rate that offers the opportunity to actually save a lot by comparing the various flights and opportunities between them.

For my flight I had the need to reserve a roundtrip flight from Rome to Milan for the 11 September 2011: well, with only 75 euro tax included I booked my ticket and if I were party the day before or the next one I spent even less!

Incredible, I would have cost more than stay at home!

E’ clear, rates would in theory could find them directly on the site of the individual companies, but you mean the convenience of having a single point of reference where you can compare and book your flight required? A bit like we do on our site with the ferries!

But I can trust?

Fact Or Fiction is a company that now for some time it is set on the market as regards the reservation of airline tickets online since the early moments, it is understood that would go away.

As for who manages our system, even in the case of Volagratis tickets are issued directly with the airlines agreements that the company has entered into with the same.

In addition just think that the system is implemented on many internet sites important to national and international level, is already but this should be a guarantee

Good book for everyone!

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