offers ferries to Sicily

Sicily is a land conquest and to get, as well as in plane, there are boats with their offers ferries to Sicily. Enters the soul for its simplicity and beauty, fills the air with fragrance, disrupts the palate with its flavors, captivates the eye with the architectural, historical and natural, but also embraces the warmth of its people.

If you go to Sicily for a holiday can enjoy a wide choice of accommodation organized according to guests' requests: comfortable and protected for Families with Children, facilities for those who can not do less sport on holiday, romantic accommodation for couples, entertainment and fun for young. Every amenity is at hand to make every moment unforgettable.

Offers ferry sicily. The holiday starts on board

So why ruin the holiday with unnecessary and painful setbacks code? Taking advantage of the low offers ferries to Sicily, means to start your vacation before you ever touched the ground and continue sicula also on the return journey. Alilauro, Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi, Snav, Tirrenia, T.T.T. Lines are the shipping companies, connecting the mainland to the island. Each of these provides a fleet of ships, on board some of which, each service or accommodation is comparable to those offered on a cruise ship: from the chair to the stateroom, baby club, cinema, disco, theater, dining rooms, shops.

Offerte traghetti sicilia
Offers ferry sicily

Serious operators offer affordable and reliable offers ferries to Sicily, also online, according to the port of embarkation served: Genoa, Leghorn, Civitavecchia, Naples and Cagliari destination Messina, Catania, Trapani, Palermo. The duration of the trip depends on the port of embarkation covering the route for Sicily, varying from a minimum of 12 hours, for shorter distances, a 21 hours for the most demanding.

How to choose the best offer ferry to Sicily?

On the official websites of the companies can be found numerous voyages offers for Sicily. By entering the appropriate search filters you can make a comparison to a choice weighting. Tickets can be purchased through travel agency or travel booking online by credit card or Pay Pal.

Offer ferries to Sicily, already sold, regards shipments of January and May promoted by the shipping company Grandi Navi Veloci. The possible route is the Civitavecchia-Palermo and vice versa, starting from a base of € 98. Buy tickets from now on the upcoming holidays with offers ferries to Sicily provides a substantial saving on vacation.

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