Ferry booking 2013 – When it is available ?

In a couple of weeks we should start to get a little clearer strategies of companies regarding the Ferry Tickets 2013.

Will be held in Rimini the next 18-20 October the international tourism exhibition TTG, over the years become one of the most important fairs for the tourist market and therefore also for the ferries.

TTG Rimini - prenotazione traghetti 2013Every year thousands of visitors to meet industry service providers to know what are the strategies for 2013 and to try to guess how it will be next year, Although no one has the crystal ball, especially in these times!

Clearly there will be many companies that, In addition to sum up the summer season just passed, bring in some cases information on the Ferry bookings 2013 discovering the cards slightly about the coming year.


How will the evolution of booking ferries ’ 2013 ?

We do not expect big changes, rather, I believe absolutely that the situation remains unchanged: the companies are unlikely to drop their prices without knowing what will happen next year at governmental level and, especially without knowing in advance the cost of fuel.

Another important unknown back Sardinia which in recent years has seen collapsing dramatically its appeal in light of huge ferries happened somewhere dear year now.

For example, Saremar will continue to exist and to operate as in the past two years, namely, under the supervision of the region?

How will the new year of Tirrenia, now in hand of cordata Cin?

Nobody can predict what will be the trends of Ferry Tickets 2013, However as always sure if we will organize and anticipate, You can save a lot on the cost of maritime transport.

Don't wait too to make your Ferry Tickets 2013.

Here is the official site of Rimini http://www.ttgincontri.it/

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