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On our site you can find find information (date, timetables and fares) of all the ferry companies and from Corsica. Once you find the information you wanted, you can continue using your PC and buy tickets online. All this thanks to a simple and fast system.

This system as well as being quick and easy it's cheap. Why? Why it allows you to clearly compare the rates for ferries to Corsica, Whereas the listed variables.

Search now and find out which ferry company to Corsica offers the lowest available fare. Companies operating in this trade are: Moby Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Corsica Ferries and many more. Ferries arrive at port of Bastia, Bonifacio and Calvi departing from the ports of Livorno, Genoa, Santa Teresa and Savona.

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ferries to corsica

Getting to Corsica by ferry is really easy and cheap, as well as staying on the island. Compared to the other atolls of the Mediterranean, Corsica fact is still less frequented by Italian tourists so there are more chances to find best deals starting from Italy. And this even in high season.

Our site will help you organize your vacation by providing timetables and prices of all ferries to Corsica and the ability to choose from in walking distance the best solution to reach the island.

Departures are now very frequent and which offer to all visitors of this island lovers to join her in all year.

Who he was not yet never went to Corsica is really losing a unique opportunity as it comes to an island still untouched part and in some ways out of time. Many people are always looking for exotic and far away without realizing that some havens are actually closer than you think. And they remain accessible by means within the reach of all (families included).

For more information about this beautiful land we invite you to visit Official site of the Ente Turistico Corsica.

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