what are the ferries to the Island of Elba

Where would you like to spend the next beach holiday? If I told you to go to a place where you can find sandy beaches, gravel, rocks, blue sea and unspoiled nature?

If you believe that such a place there, especially in Italy and the Mediterranean, you're wrong: is’Elba, beautiful island of the Tuscan largely protected from the homonymous park.

Favorite tourist destination for German tourists, Switzerland and northern Italy, Elba has become a coveted destination is easily accessible thanks to ferries to Elba.

traghetti isola d'ElbaFrom 2010 are now 3 companies that cross the stretch of sea that brings Elba Island Ferry, ie Toremar, the Moby lines e la Blu Navy, through which, at any time of year, You can find links to virtually every hour.

Routes for reach Elba There are many, but all start from Piombino and cover the following routes: Piombino-Portoferraio, Piombino Rio Marina and Piombino-Cable

The most well known and used is undoubtedly the one that brings the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio It is also one that provides more coverage with the times ferries to the Island of Elba.

The other two, to understand those of ferries from Piombino Rio Marina and ferry from Piombino to cable, are also much less used because there are very few times available.

Fares for ferries to Elba are many and start cheap such as auto 1 € rates and pex, thus guaranteeing the possibility to find great rates for all season, especially if you travel by ferry with the car or motorcycle.

Book the ferry to Elba It is always advisable, especially when the weather becomes warmer to avoid being stuck without a place on port of Piombino, also because last year the entrance to the port area has been modified and are consequently increased controls on access to board for Elba.

So, in a nutshell, better come with the existing booking and your ticket to the Elbe well exposed on the dashboard and, in minutes, you're already on the ship ready to enjoy your gorgeous holiday on the Island of Elba.

Some news on’Elba Island:

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