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Pantelleria It lies south of Sicily, to which it is connected thanks to Ferry companies Siremar and Ustica Lines that, with a daily service, ensure territorial continuity.

The island of Pantelleria is also called the Island of the Wind, This is because being in open sea, is subject to winds coming from all directions.

The stretch of sea that separates the Tunisia from Italy ’ (specifically from Sicily) It's called Strait of Sicily and Pantelleria is right in the middle of this channel. To want to be more precise Pantelleria near the African coast, which is about 70 km. From the territory Italian Pantelleria is instead 110 kilometers around.

In connections to Italy depart mainly from Sicily and, specifically, from Trapani. There are also drawn from the Pelagie Islands, namely the very famous Lampedusa and Linosa.

The system probably faster to reach the island is by plane, but the ferry is undoubtedly the most convenient and economical, especially if you want to bring along the car and a lot of luggage.

Book your ferry to Pantelleria

ferries to Pantelleria

The trip from Trapani or Mazara del Vallo It lasts about two hours and takes you straight into the heart of Pantelleria. For those who is looking for links to Pantelleria to Lampedusa and Linosa, the journey lasts approximately three hours.

The taken to the island by ferry are the following:

  • Trapani - Pantelleria
  • Pantelleria - Trapani

To be considered when choosing the means to reach the island, for example, for families children up to 4 years of age do not pay the ticket. Even children from 4 to 12 years can get a discount on the official rate of 50%, taxes not included. One more reason to choose more short ferry instead of the plane.

Between the two companies – Ustica Lines and Sisemar – It needs to know that before he loads the vehicles so, If you want to go on the ’ island with the ’ car, So you'll have to use the Siremar.

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