Greece with Superfast Ferries, Anek Lines, Blue Star, Ventouris e Minoan Lines

Every corner is a small paradise in Greece. The capital is without doubt the place preferred by travelers who appreciate the great classical art and by lovers of history that you breathe while walking in the streets of Athens. But Greece is also Corfu and the dozens of islands that emerge in the Mediterranean, as well as those more secluded and somewhat exclusive inhabiting the Aegean.

Una terra ricca in tradizioni, but also for amazing natural beauty very mixed: marine and mountain paesotti city living and also skillfully blend their culinary tastes so different. Most young people seek fun, la folla, the sea and the wild nights; other, pleasant relaxing holidays and life that flows to the rhythm of a gentle Sirtaki.

GreciaTo book a trip to Greece, Simply choose between the offers made by the companies who make the crossing from Italy to Greece: Superfast Ferries, Grimaldi Lines, Anek Lines, Blue Star ferries, Ventouris Ferries e Minoas Lines. The 2014 begins with rates and promotions planned, the race to begin ticket.

Let's find out all the details.


Superfast Ferries reach the ports of Igoumenitsa, Patras and Corfu starting indiscriminately from Ancona and Bari.

Tenders 2014 Superfast Ferries are many ready to engage and involve the largest number of travelers. The year starts with the Superfast Ferries’family offer 2014 which provides the 20% discount on the crossing from Ancona and the 10% on the one hand from Bari, for a family of 4 persons accommodated in the cabin + self. There are deep discounts, complete al 50% for children up to 4 years occupying a bed or a chair, all children between 4 and 12 years always pay half the cost of the ticket. The 20% discount is provided for young until 25 years, while over 60 will have the 10%.

The 25% is offered to those who belong to associations affiliated camperistiche he's going to get on board with a caravan or motorhome. Also book by 3 February 2014 to travel from Ancona, entered the il 28 February for departures from Bari, you will receive the 25% discount through the promotion “Early Booking”: with the reservation will be able to travel by 1 January to 31 December 2014.


Grimaldi Lines in Serbia for those who wish to leave on vacation in Greece important news. Setting sail with a ship from Trieste, Ancona or Brindisi to Igoumenitsa or Patras, you will be entitled to 20% discount on return tickets, which is transformed into 30% in case you decide to leave Ravenna. In addition to departures within the 31 January Grimaldi offers, on all the routes, a further 10%.


Ferries Anek Lines will satisfy all types of trips that a traveler needs to make to better explore Greece and its islands. In fact, Anek Lines offers ferry from Ancona and Venice to Igoumenitsa and Patras, but also of a line departing from Piraeus to Crete and an ideal base for exploring the islands of the Aegean. Anek has also included in its fleet for months of July and August that fulfill the ferry direct crossing from Ancona to Corfu. The opening of 2014 corresponds to the first must-offer proposed by Anek Lines for bookings before 03 February will apply the 25% Discount Travel. In addition, prior to making a booking with Anek, you can take the Anek Smart a loyalty card that will allow the accumulation of points that turn into good discount on your next trip.


Blue Star Ferries is one of the Greek companies that deals with displacements from Piraeus to the islands of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Santorini, Naxos, stoppages, Syrians, Tynos e sino Mykonos and Rodi, Amorgos, Leros, Kos and Chios and all the other wonders embraced by the Greek mainland. Up to 31 March 2014 Blue Star Ferries is offering special discounts to passengers traveling to the Cyclades, offering 20% on the cost of the ticket. In addition to the always 31 March is available 20% discount for passengers who book a cabin, and 10% For those traveling by Business Class. Even the Car until March travel at the cost rates, usufruendo the 30% discount. Families will receive an additional discount, as well as those who make a reservation contextual journey from Italy to Greece with Anek or companies Fastferries, and domestic travel with Blue Star: In this case, Blue Star Ferries will apply on its reservations on 30% discount.


Ventouris operates on routes from Bari to Igoumenitsa in the direction – Patras, Igoumenitsa-Patras and Cephalonia Corfu-Igoumenitsa anchors.

The company applies the 30% discount on return tickets, Guests may also consider children within the 4 years, while those aged between 4 and 12 travel for paying half the ticket. Early bookers will receive an additional 20% discount.


The 2014 Minoan Lines is full of offers and promotions for its passengers who travel on international routes and domestic. The departures from occurring from the ports of Ancona, Ravenna and Trieste that will lead to the ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa. Starting from Piraeus instead you can reach Iráklion.

The offers for those who want to reach Greece from Italy depart from families of 3, 4 the 5 as people who will receive the young and the students, the 20% discount. The 10% shall revert to the over 60, while the 50% discount is intended for children from 4 a 16 years in each class and Accommodation; the kids travel free. Those who book will receive the same return 30% discount on the latter.

On domestic routes instead Minoan Lines provides, each 4 passengers of which at least two adults, to assign a free ticket. Please 50% Discount for students and children under 12 years and free travel under 4. Booking round trip you will be entitled to 20% This is the last.

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